AS evangelists WE ARE PERSONAL. 



Studio io is a collaborative, multi-discipline creative team of Catholic professionals who are committed to comprehensive renewal for the life of the Church, especially through building a culture of beauty and restoring the tradition of the sacred arts. We specialize in campus planning and facilities design consulting services for Catholic clients that is grounded in solid liturgical catechesis & dynamic evangelization.

Since its founding at the beginning of 2018, Studio io has been blessed to work alongside and serve over 30 Catholic parishes, schools, Catholic organizations, and apostolates across more than a dozen dioceses and archdioceses. These services range from design consultation and campus planning efforts to renovation coordination and new construction conceptual design. 


Instaurare Omnia, a Latin phrase meaning 'to renew all things'

This phrase acknowledges the original beauty, order, dignity, and purpose of all creation. We are passionately committed to the renewal of liturgy and the sacred arts as revelation of the divine and communication of his grace. We are also entirely devoted to discipleship and the work of evangelization. These are integral components of sharing in God’s work to restore all things in Christ.

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The majority of our work is assisting with the early stages of consulting, planning, and design for renovation or new construction projects of almost any size, and often overseeing their detailed execution as well. This typically involves high-level visioning, formation, exploration, and feasibility work, as well as working collaboratively with pastors, staff, and building & planning committees, remaining engaged as needed through the project's completion. The success of this process relies heavily on establishing a clear vision, leadership, and communications strategy from the beginning, integrating formation and ensuring optimal teamwork so at every level a comprehensive vision for renewal remains central. This approach mirrors the Church’s understanding of the mystical body of Christ.

It’s never too early to begin – at any point a project even becomes a consideration, Studio io has valuable resources to offer. We are not a full-service architecture firm, but our team structure is able to provide much more depth to the process than conventional design services allow. Smaller projects often allow us to provide design and consulting while coordinating other parties such as artists and artisans, while larger projects often allow us to work collaboratively with firms serving as the architect of record where required, bringing out the strengths of each party in collaboration. This model is highly adaptable to the needs of every project and seeks to provide a higher level of service often at the same or lower cost, leaving all parties better formed for future work in the process.


Studio io believes in a comprehensive approach to renewal with parishes, schools, and other Catholic ministries and organizations. We offer custom-tailored formation and consulting work for efforts in branding, fundraising, leadership training, liturgical and faith formation consulting, and ministries planning. We believe that because aesthetics / facilities projects are often the largest expenditure of any parish or ministry, this offers the opportunity to holistically evaluate mission and integrate as many existing components into a single cohesive strategy as possible.


  • Visioning & Missional / Strategic Planning

  • Parish Ministry Consulting – Leadership, Faith
    Formation, Evangelization, & Liturgical Ministries

  • Owner's Representation and Consulting for Projects with other Design Professionals, Vendors, Artists & Artisans

  • Capital Campaign Planning & Strategic Support


  • Master Plan & Building Committee Formation – Leadership, Ministry Planning, Sacred Architecture

  • Liturgy, Sacred Architecture & Evangelization Presentations

  • Written Content for Liturgical Catechesis & Evangelization

  • Interviews for Print, Video, Audio Broadcast



  • New Campus Master Planning &
    Existing Campus Conceptual Overlays

  • Feasibility Studies – New Site, Expansion & Renovation

  • User Engagement, Needs Assessment & Programming via Surveys, Focus Groups, Workshops, and Town Halls


  • Conceptual Design & Renderings – Master Planning,
    Construction, Renovation, & Beautification Projects

  • Assistance with Lighting, Audio-Visual,
    Landscape, and other Components

  • Sacred Furnishings Design & Selection

  • Sacred Art Programming and Coordination


If there is a service you think we may be able to provide that you do not see listed above, please give us a call.